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Thursday, January 22, 2015

CCNA Voice: Managing Users and Devices with CME

Managing Users and Devices with CME

Three key items needed to get CME configured:

  • IP Source Address
  • Max-DN
  • Max-Ephones

IP source address determines what interface will expect IP phone registration requests

Max-DN / Max-Ephone configuration reserves resources on the router and max-ephone should not exceed number of licenses purchased

Ephone / Ephone-DN Configuration

Can be configured as single-line, dual-line or octo-line

single-line ephone-dn: Can only make or receive a single call at a time. If in use caller will receive a busy signal

dual-line ephone-dn: Phone can handle two simultaneous calls and supports features such as call waiting, conference calling and warm transfer

octo-line ephone-dn: Typically use for shared lines where many share the same extension or receptionist phones

Configuration Example with CLI


config t
ephone-dn 1
number 2000
ehone-dn 2 dual-line
number 2001 secondary 2085551212


ephone 1
mac address  00ab.5454.65ba


ephone 1
button 1:2

button command links ephone-dn 2 to button 1 on ephone 1

restart command tells phone to do warm reboot and redownload configuration file from TFTP server

Button assignments can be verified with show ephone command

Configuring Users, Phones and Extensions with CCP

Telephony Service is configured from the Configure > Unified Communications > Telephony Settings

Same three key items are required:

  • Max-Ephones
  • Max-DNs
  • IP Source Address

Once telephony services are activated, CCP can be used to configure users, extensions and phones

Configure Extensions

Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > Extensions

Configure DN, description, secondary DN if applicable, line type, click OK

Configure Phones

Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > Phones

Configure model of IP Phone, MAC address, click OK

Configure Users

Users must be created to link DN to IP Phone together with CCP

Configure > Unified Communications > Users, Phones and Extensions > User Settings

Add details:

  • User ID (Only field required)

Other optional fields:
  • First and last name
  • Display Name for Caller ID
  • Password
  • PIN

Click Phones/Extensions tab to associate user with phone and extension(s) via drop-down boxes

Click OK

CCP has template of show commands via drop-down box for troubleshooting, also functions as free-form typing box for show commands that can be accessed via:

Configure > View > IOS Show Commands

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