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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

CCNA Voice: The CME Dial-Plan

The CME Dial-Plan

Physical Voice Port Characteristics

Analog Voice Ports

Foreign Exchange Station (FXS): Connect to end stations such as analog phones and fax machines

Three normal configuration options:

  • Call signaling
  • Call tones
  • Caller ID Info
Call signaling:

voice-port (port number)
signal (loopstart or groundstart)

Call Tones: 

voice-port (port number)
cptone (Two letter country code)

Caller ID Info:

voice-port (port number)
station-id name (Name)
station-id number (Number)

Foreign Exchange Office (FXO)

Same configuration options as above with two extra:

  • Dial-Type
  • Ring Number
Dial-Type: Tone or Pulse Dialing

voice-port (port number)
dial-type (dtmf or pulse)

Ring Number: Number of rings that should pass before the router picks up the line

voice-port (port number)
ring number (number)

show voice port summary shows status of voice ports on router

Digital Voice Ports

Can be configured as CAS or CCS

Common Configuration:

clock source line
framing esf
linecode b8zs


controller (port number)
pri-group 1 timeslots 1-24 (For T1)


controller (port number)
ds0-group 1 time-slots 1-24 (For T1)

For T1, channel 24 (time-slot 24) is signaling
For E1, channel 16 (time-slot 17) is signaling


Call Processing / Digit Manipulation

Class of Restriction

Quality of Service

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